Fr Kevin writes:

“There is no doubt that many of us carry a lot of pain around with us. It may be there because somebody close to us has died or a relationship that was important to us has broken down. There may be something in our distant past or in our behaviour that worries us a great deal.

Counselling is no magic answer to dealing with such pain but it can often be of great help. I would like to offer parishioners access to a professional, counselling service that has my full backing. The aim of Counselling is to give individuals and couples space and time to explore issues with another person who is skilled in listening.

This exploration may lead to a better understanding of yourself and your relationship with others and assist you in making changes in your life.”

Who are our counsellors

Anita Jenkins : Lead Counsellor – BSc Honour in Psychology, PGDip/ MA in Counselling and is currently working towards chartered status as a Counselling Psychologist and UKCP registration as a Psychotherapist. Experience in working with relationship issues, anxiety, stress, depression, PND, panic attacks, addictions and mental health. Tel: 07985 186396

David Sagar : Counsellor – 20 years experience of Counselling in career guidance, work, life style, bereavement and depression. Tel: 07985 186396

Andy Semmens : Counsellor – 16 years experience of Counselling in addictions specifically drug + alcohol issues. Also works with gambling issues, eating disorders, mental health trauma and PTSD. Diploma in addictions, working toward UKCP cognitive analytic therapist. Tel: 07985 186396

What is Counselling?

The Counselling service is open to people of any faith or none. Our philosophy is that everyone is individual and unique and subsequently we take a flexible approach to what we offer. We will work with you to improve the quality of your life and empower you.

There are three types of Counselling.

Individual – Available to adolescents and adults covering issues such as trauma, PTSD, PND, loss, anxiety bereavement, stress, depression, panic attacks, disability, physical illness, life crisis, relationship issues, addictions, career guidance, work issues and life styles.

Couples – Available to adults covering relationship issues.

Groups – Focused on coping with bereavement, loss and illness. Please check newsletter for availability and dates/times for these.

The Counselling Service is confidential

Who is the Counselling for?

The Parish Counselling Service is open to all. We can offer an appointment to anyone from the whole community.

How much does it cost? The initial session is free and lasts up to one hour. It is an opportunity for you to speak to the Counsellor and to ascertain whether Counselling is right for you. Should you decide to commit to Counselling there is normally a small fee per session depending on circumstances. The usual number of sessions offered is between 6 and 12. Additional sessions can be arranged if requested

How can I make an appointment? You can contact the Counselling Service by ringing 07985 186396, someone will be available to answer your call or you will be able to leave your details on a confidential answer phone. You will be contacted within 24 hours of leaving your message and if appropriate offered an appointment within 7 working days.